Chad Meyer

Company: 52projects, LLC




My name is Chad and I am the Founder & CEO of 52projects, LLC. At 52projects, we offer SaaS based software solutions to churches / non profit organizations and schools to minimize the amount of time they are spending doing administrative tasks so they can maximize their ministry. We also work with churches that are in need to extend their technical footprint by offer custom application solutions.

I started in the faith based software business in 2004 when I joined with the founders of Fellowship Technologies which is a web based Church Management System (ChMS). Being one of the original developers of the product for ten years and growing to help over 2500 churches taught me a lot not only about software and how to scale with growth, but more about the church and the challenges they face whether they are small or growing to a mega church level.

At the end of 2013, after just buying a new house, God informed me it was time to leave Fellowship One and start 52projects. Convincing my wife who was days away from delivering our first child that I was leaving the comfort of a job to start this venture took a lot of prayer but we are so glad we did. We are honored to work with churches and to what their congregation walk through their spiritual journey.