A New Way to Work

Discover Collective Office

Workplace needs are changing rapidly and traditional office leases and cubicles are no longer relevant for some. Now entrepreneurs, home based and mobile workers have an option. Enter Collective Office, a beautiful building in Main Street Coppell built with coworking in mind.

Why Coworking?

Many entrepreneurs, startups and corporations are fleeing traditional office space and empowering home and/or mobile officing. However, home offices and coffee shops are constantly fighting against productivity, meeting space and collaboration.

Technology allows us to take work wherever we are. But that's not always a good thing. Answering a business call or meeting with a potential client at Starbucks is not optimal. Collective Office offers workspaces and meeting rooms where business can happen without distraction.

Corporations who embrace coworking spaces over traditional offices often see their employees attention, productivity, retention and job happiness spike. This applies to the self employed as well. Having a facility to work brings about many benefits and is a catalyst for success.

What Makes Coworking work?

  • Community: We call our space "Collective" because that's who we are as business people. Networking and collaborating with others is instrumental in growing, learning and succeeding. Coworking allows all this and more. You never know who you may meet and help (or be helped) by working with others that have the same passions and goals.
  • Environment: The atmosphere of Collective Office is designed to inspire creativity. Comfortable and ergonomic furniture, well designed work spaces, lighting speed wifi and other office amenities set us apart from the coffee shop or home office.
  • Meeting space: Our conference room and event spaces have the technology and privacy to meet with your team or clients in a professional environment for maximum productivity.
  • Mailing Address: Each membership gets it's own suite number for mail so that you can use our address as your business address. Having a "real" office is critical to impressing potential clients as well as keeping business and personal mail separate.
  • Purpose: Having a place to "go to work" is instrumental in having the best work life. Many home based workers complain of complacency and lack of creativity when living and working in the same environment.