What's the deal with coworking?

It might sound like a recipe for disaster to folks typically surrounded by cubicle walls: Sharing workspace with people who work for other companies.

Wouldn't that be distracting? Wouldn't that stymie productivity?

Maybe for some. But it's kind of like joining a gym. Give it a couple months and you'll get acclimated to it.

That's how Anne Kirby explains coworking to those who are brand new to the open office atmosphere that focuses less on walls and more on networking and collaboration. As founder of The Candy Factory, a coworking organization in Lancaster, Kirby is a cheerleader for the concept.

"Coworking saves you from isolation," she said. "We could take this community and go anywhere with it. The building and the space are not the primary core of what we do. It's cultivating community. It's connections. It's creating a tribe."

With a second location, called Rock Candy, opening at Rock Lititz LP, Kirby sat down with the Business Journal to provide some insight about the benefits of a shared working environment.