Being a part of a coworking space means working with others. We want to make sure that all of our members have the best possible experience to do what they do in a productive environment. 


  • Network with others. Part of our mission is to help connect others as well as be a conduit for creativity and productivity. Introduce yourself and build lasting relationships.
  • Be respectful. Working with a diverse group of people can be very rewarding in personal and professional growth. Let's make sure that discussions on certain thought process' and world views remain respectful and productive.
  • Take care of our building. Our workspaces are shared and designed for all to enjoy. Let's make sure we treat these spaces accordingly. After using the conference room, please have it ready for the next member. By putting our dishes in the dishwasher and cleaning after ourselves, our space will remain an enjoyable place to work.
  • Noise Control. Working in a shared space means we have to be mindful of others. Short phone calls and everyday conversation is fine, but more focused conversations should be taken to a phone booth, the conference room or the porch. 


  • Bring children. Collective Office is geared for productivity. Having a sick child home from school or other circumstance is a bummer, however, please refrain from bringing them to our workspace. 
  • Use foul language. We have people from every walk of life and we hope to have a pleasant environment for all to enjoy.
  • Use tobacco or E-Cigs/Vapor. We want to be mindful of all, so please refrain from using any sort of E-Cigs or Vapor. Also please refrain from smoking on any of the property. This will ensure our porches, etc. stays clean and smoke free.
  • Be a kitchen catastrophe. Our open spaces are meant for an enjoyable environment, but that comes with drawbacks such as visible kitchen sinks and no barriers to stop your microwaved Thai Chicken Curry invading the nostrils of many. Please be mindful of cleaning up after yourself.


As a Collective Office member, you agree to these guidelines to ensure that our community have the experience we intend. Please note that management reserves the right to amend these guidelines as needed. Please visit often to ensure you are updated on any changes.