Month to month memberships starting at $200 gives you the freedom to work on your terms while enjoying the amenities of our beautiful Main Street Coppell Building. 


We all know that being an entrepreneur or home based employee has amazing freedoms, but also major hurdles. When it comes time to meet a client, or have a meeting without hoping a table is available at Starbucks, there is no better feeling than having a place to get things done. A place where work happens amongst like minded people. Here are seven great reasons to enhance your work life at Collective Office.

  1. Money Well Spent: Coffee shops and the like are not optimal to getting stuff done and meeting with clients or coworkers. Purchasing coffee a few times a day can add up to the point where you are basically paying a membership fee to Starbucks without the advantages of a real office and meeting space.
  2. A Real Office Setting: Home offices and coffee shops can be super distracting. With our spaces geared for productivity you can choose to enjoy some peace and quiet or network with others. Our meeting rooms and other amenities provide you the perfect place to do work. No more battling teenagers for a workspace.
  3. Network Without Trying: Our goal is to be a community of people and business' that can help each other learn, grow and connect. You never know who you will meet at Collective Office.
  4. Fantastic Location: Our Coppell building is located in the quaint and walkable Main Street District. With the best restaurants, parks and boutiques just steps from our building, your work life will be enhanced immediately.
  5. Legitimate Meeting Space: Our meeting rooms are equipped with everything you need for a successful meeting. The 4k TV's with Apple TV and ChromeCast allows you to beam your presentations wirelessly. 
  6. Surround Yourself with Like minded People: There is nothing like collaboration and connectivity. Being around people is so much better for creativity and productivity. Take advantage of your fellow members to learn and grow. 
  7. Screaming Fast Internet: Our 150/150 Fiber Internet will allow you to work so much better. There is nothing more frustrating than coffee shop internet slowing you down.